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By | August 27, 2018

Cool Whatsapp Status – If you are searching for Whatsapp Status in Hindi or English You are at right place. Find out all Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes here. Today, We are going to share awesome collection of Attitude, Funny, Sad, Best Collection of Cool Status for Whatsapp in Hindi. So, Our team is going to share latest popular collection of Whatsapp Status Quotes for all those who are looking for best status in hindi or english.

If you are using Whatsapp, then you are at right place to share Status for all in Hindi. We are posting Unique Whatsapp Status Collection for you. Many people are searching on Google for the best ever status to use on their account. So, we decided to provide ultimate collection of Cool Whatsapp Status in Hindi. We have already shared some unique collection of Sharabi Shayari in HindiSad Status.

Cool Whatsapp Status

Cool Whatsapp Status

  • Its Good Thing To Feel Like You Have To Prove Something.
  • I’M Good Person With Bad Attitude.
  • I look at people sometimes and think… Really??? That’s the sperm that won.
  • I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.
  • Sometimes I think I’m too picky, but then I watch my dog look for a place to poop.
  • I’m the dude with cool attitude.
  • I’m not arguing, I’m simply tried to explaining why I’m Right.
  • I Wish My Parents Were Like Google. They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete.

Best Whatsapp Status Quotes

  • There’s something missing in my life, I just don’t know if it’s a puppy, a person, or a slice of pizza.
  • I just got off a flight that crossed through five time zones. Does that make me a time traveler?
  • Cavities are like parking tickets, they show up by surprise and take all your pocket money.
  • Just saw the most smartest person when I was in front of the mirror.
  • I Know I’M Awesome. So I Don’T Care About Your Opinion.
  • Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are.
  • I’M The Master Of My Own Thoughts, My Mind Will Obey Only Me.

Cool Whatsapp Quotes Status

  • I Will Be Rising From The Ground Like A Skyscraper.
  • I’M The Guy, U Will Hate Nd Your Sisters Will Date.
  • I Tried To Be Normal. Worst Two Minutes Of My Life.
  • Please be patient even a toilet can handle only one ass hole at a time.
  • Life Gets So Much Better When You Cut The Negative Bullshit Out.
  • Looser..Is The One Who Creates A Winner So..I Don’T Mind Loosing.
  • Excuse Me. I Found Something Under My Shoes Oh It’S Your Attitude.

Latest Cool Status for Whatsapp

  • अकेला ही चला था अपनी मंजिल के लिये मैं तो, पर बेरोजगार लोग मिलते गये और Whatsapp Group बनता गया.
  • हमने तो शौंक- शौंक में स्टेटस लिखा था, पढ़ने वालो को सच-म्मुच शॉक लग गया..
  • Sometimes people a high five on the face with a CHAIR.
  • लड़की की माँ मुझसे बोली – “तूने ऐसा क्या कर डाला जिससे ये रो रही है” मैंने कहा – “Block”
  • God Made Every Person Different. He Got Tired By The Time He Got To China.
  • Cell Phones These Days Keep Getting Thinner & Smarter. People The Opposite.
  • I Don’t Always Get Asked Out On A Date. But When I Do….It’s On April 1St.

Damn Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes

  • Whenever I think of quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
  • Relation of friendship is greater than the relation of blood.
  • When I miss you I re-read our old conversations and smile like an idiot.
  • When I miss you it seems every song I listen to is about you.
  • My silence/smile is just another word for my pain.

Cool Whatsapp Status for Girls

  • Don’t be so happy, I don’t really forgive people, I just pretend like it’s okay and wait for my turn to destroy them.
  • If you want to make your dreams come true, The first thing you have to do is wake up.
  • I don’t have dirty mind, I have sexy imagination.
  • When a bird hits your window have you ever wondered if God is playing angry birds with you?
  • I know the voices in my head aren’t real but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome!
  • I loved a girl and she broke my heart. Now every piece of my heart love different girls. People called it flirt that’s not fair…
  • Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save your girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine.

Cute Love Status for Whatsapp

  • Diets are hard because I get hungry.
  • Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
  • The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • Love is real, real is love.
  • Come live in my heart and pay no rent.
  • Keep Calm & Just Chill.
  • Do What’s Right Not Easy.
  • Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice.

Daily New Cool Whatsapp Status Updates

  • If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’.
  • Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude.
  • My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are!
  • Every friendship dosen’t change into love but every love begins with friendship. ( Cool Whatsapp Status)
  • I don’t know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I’m near you.
  • I’M Not The Kind Of Person Who Tries To Be Cool Or Trendy, I’M Definitely An Individual.
  • My Attitude Is A Result Of Your Actions ! So If You Don’T Like My Attitude Blame Yourself !

Cool Status for Whatsapp

  • Had a really great “Night Out” last night, according to my police report.
  • The road to success is always under construction.
  • Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  • Please be patient even a toilet can handle only one ass hole at a time.
  • God is really creative, I mean…just look at m!!!
  • इन्कार है जिन्हे आज मुझसे मेरा वक्त देखकर,मै खूद को इतना काबील बनाउंगा वो मिलेंगे मूझसे वक्त लेकर!

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