Ahista Chal aye Zindagi Shayari With English Translation

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Ahista Chal Zindagi Lyrics in Hindi

Ahista Chal aye Zindagi Poem

आहिस्ता चल⛷️ ये ज़िन्दगी, अभी कई क़र्ज़ चुकाना😕 बाकी है,
कुछ दर्द💔 मिटाना बाकी है, कुछ फ़र्ज़🙁 निभाना बाकी है;

रफ्तार🏃 में तेरे चलने से कुछ रूठ गए, कुछ छुट गए ;
रूठों को मनाना बाकी💕 है, रोतो को हसाना बाकी है ;

कुछ हसरतें🏋️ अभी अधूरी है, कुछ काम भी और ज़रूरी😮 है ;
ख्वाइशें जो घुट गयी इस दिल💗 में, उनको दफनाना अभी बाकी है ;

कुछ रिश्ते बनके टूट💔 गए, कुछ जुड़ते जुड़ते छूट गए;
उन टूटे-छूटे रिश्तों के ज़ख्मों🚨 को मिटाना बाकी है ;

तू आगे चल🚶में आता हु, क्या छोड़ तुजे जी पाऊंगा ?
इन साँसों पर हक है जिनका , उनको🤔 समझाना बाकी है ;

आहिस्ता चल जिंदगी , अभी कई क़र्ज़ चुकाना बाकी😗 है ।

"Ahista Chal Zindagi Lyrics in Hindi"

Ahista Chal aye Zindagi English Translation

“Slow down your pace, Oh Life! There is a lot of debt yet to be repaid
Some pains are yet to be erased, some duties are yet to be fulfilled,

Oh! Life! Your speed led to some being angry; and some just went away
The upset are yet to be pacified; the crying ones are yet to be comforted,

Some wishes are yet to be fulfilled; some work is yet to be completed
Desires that are imprisoned in my heart, they are yet to be buried,

Some relationships broke after they bloomed, some broke away even before they could bloom
All those wounds of broken relations – they are yet to be healed,

Oh! Life! You carry on. I will come along. (But) can I possibly live without you?
(After all), He who controls my every breath, I am yet to come to terms with Him.

Slow down your pace, Oh Life! There is a lot of debt yet to be repaid”

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